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About ImanaCloud

Intelligent Cloud manager meets all your cloud transmission, synchronization, backup and management needs.Data security is our core, and we attach great importance to security.


Who are we

Welcome to ImanaCloud. We are a group of young people who pursue the ultimate in products. We are committed to providing you with the best cloud management products in the world, and we will continue to do so.

Our values

Customer first

Our existence is to provide better services for cloud users.


We will honestly best every feature.


We respect the rights and interests of every user.


How much responsibility you will bear depends on the success Degree of work.

What can we offer?

Highlight function
  • Industry leading seamless cloud data migration engine.
  • Customize cloud data synchronization policy.
  • Automatic, intelligent and convenient online cloud backup.
  • Manage all clouds with one login.

How are we different
  • Powerful: We support the most popular cloud storage services in the world today.
  • Security: 100% data security, Your data will be securely protected by the website.
  • Simple: it can be completed smoothly without technical knowledge or skills.
  • Fast: Fast and efficient cloud data migration service.

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