Data Security
Focus on your data security
Never save your data
Imanacloud will not save the user's cloud disk data in any form. When we transfer, we only establish a connection between cloud disk services.
OAuth2 authorization
Oauth2 is the current mainstream third-party service authorization system. When you add a cloud to imanacloud, this product will not obtain any personal information of your cloud. And you can remove the authorization of imanacloud through the official website of cloud at any time.
HTTPS protocol
When imanacloud transmits data, it adopts HTTPS network transmission protocol Keep your data safe.
Protect your data
Imanacloud respects your privacy and will not disclose your personal information to any third party. And when you use imanacloud service, we will not delete any data by default. If you need to delete data, you need to set the corresponding service.
Remove your cloud
You can remove the cloud you added to this product at any time through this product or the cloud official website.
Delete your account
You can remove your account from this product at any time. When you remove your account, we will delete all your information.